Work with me

I believe in transparency and open, honest pricing. I prefer to work on project-based pricing: that way, I am able to structure my time and goals with clear objectives in mind, and you have a guarantee that I am working in the most efficient way as possible.

My hourly rate is around $45ph, my day rate approximately $400. This is liable to change and the rate you are charged will be personally confirmed in writing.


I offer discounted rates for projects that appeal to my passions. For early-stage female-led enterprises I offer a rate reduced in terms of the wage gap; approximately 18% cheaper than my normal rate.

For all of my services, I offer a free ‘health check’ prior to commencing any paid work. I will give you a brief analysis on how you are currently performing, and highlight 3 key areas in which you need to improve.

As I currently live a lifestyle based on travel, and flexibility, I am just as happy to take on small, one-off projects just as much longer-term commitments.

I can be paid in GBP and AUD. I currently prefer AUD.

I have shared an outline of my terms here. It is an ever-changing document and I advise you to reference it if you want to see how our attitudes and expectations can align.

Most of my experience comes from working within small to medium-sized startups with little to non-existent budgets. I continue to educate myself on paid advertising and campaigns.

I am most driven to share stories; to write, research, and write. I am comfortable turning my hand to most topics, specialising in EdTech, FinTech, Social Issues, Social Media, Startups, Travel & Tourism and Women in Tech.

Example Project Rates

Social Media

I can identify the right social media services for your brand, establish your account and tone, train your team to manage the accounts and compile a guidebook to ensure you can maintain that tone.
I would estimate a cost between $200 to $1000 for this service.

I can use data to drive a strategic presence for your brand. I am on top of the current trends, and can identify the ones that will benefit your goals.
For a one-off instance, I would charge $150 to $500 for this service.

 I create engaging content that your customers will enjoy, engage with, and can be reused for the maximum ROI. I believe in the social side of social media, and can manage a customer acquisition and service strategy.
To maintain social media accounts, I would estimate a monthly retainer of $600 to $1200.

Content & Copy

I take a holistic approach to all aspects of your content and strategy. From your site, to your social media and communications, I take a wide arching view over your text.
For one-off instances of content strategising I charge between $150 to $1500.

I create succinct and engaging content that summarises your brand and message. I can craft a style guide, so your messaging remains on point without my assistance.
Editing, rewriting or creating copy and content for your site can cost from $75 for one off instances to monthly retainers of up to $2500.

From planning a content calendar, to providing a range of post ideas that fit around your themes and current trends, through to the writing of and sharing of content, I am able to apply my expertise to each step in the content creation journey.
From a set-up fee that starts at $250 through to a monthly retainer of up to $1800, I can provide a variety of content solutions.


I have a network of talented graphic designers, web developers and creatives who I am also able to tap into should your project have requirements that go beyond my own capacity.

Please note that these projects are purely for speculative purposes in order to help you visualise how we may work together. Any project I take on is priced specifically on that project. Additional costs may arise such as: social media management software, purchasing the rights of images, marketing software and advertising costs. For the most accurate pricing, please contact me directly.