Work with me

You started your business to solve a problem. With passion, purpose, and vision. As it grows, so does your role. But running so many different departments at once isn’t what you signed up for, is it?
This is where I come in.
I take all that love and hard work you’ve poured into your business, and I weave it into a story. And who doesn’t love a story?
Storytelling takes all those different bits of your business and brings it into a single coherent identity, that engages, intrigues and makes people read on. It covers your who, your what, and your why.
Your story is important, but it’s nothing without community.

Community Storyteller

The way I see it, community is key to everything.
There’s the inside community that make up your business. Then there’s layers of outside community; of customers, who know you, of audience, who are getting to know you, and of target audience, who you want to know you.
They may seem segmented – but they make up one community.
I take a holistic approach to community and storytelling. Looking at your brand, your customers and the goals you’ve got your heart on, I specialise in helping startups establish what I call community-content strategies.
You see, consumers don’t see copywriters, customer support, marketeers and social media managers. They see one brand.
Work with me, and they’ll be inspired by that brand.

Coherent Strategy

Put simply, I communicate your why to the who you want to be buying your what.
I offer strategic services that look at content, marketing and customer experience as one to create a cohesive and trustworthy brand identity.
With a growth mindset, I make sure my impact lasts long after the end of my contract. With easy-to-understand strategy documents, templates and cheat sheets, I provide you with the toolkit to build on my work, and to train your future team.
Not after for an entire strategy? That’s cool. Let’s talk about what you need right now, and I’ll bring my expertise as a whole to whichever stage you’re at now.


But, why me?

I’m a content crafter, creative communicator and community engager; all rolled into one.
Turning my hand to things I love, like equality and globe-hopping, comes just as easily to me as taking on emerging industries, like ICOs and coworking spaces. With a background as diverse as mine, I get your business quickly – and get on to the juicy stuff.
Whether you’re after a content-community strategy to supercharge your business, or you need blogs written or a customer experience process implemented, I’ve got you. I research, write, measure and improve.
Constantly adjusting, changing, growing; I live in a perpetual state of being in the works. And I bring that same curiousity and creativity to your business needs, so you can get on with what you want to be doing.

The juicy bit

I believe in transparency and open, honest pricing, so have included price estimates below. We both win when I quote project-based rates, as we can set goals and expectations that benefit us both.

Before you take the plunge, you should check out this outline of my terms. It is an ever-changing document but I hope it helps you visualise how we could work together. If we take it to the next level, you’ll get your own terms and confirmed rates. This is to whet your appetite.

Currently working with British and Australian startups, I can be paid in £ or AU$; I prefer rainbow Australian dollars right now.

For the freshly hatched startup

No idea where to start, and not much money to play with? I can work with you on a basic content strategy to get you going, compile a customer experience plan, or give you a rundown on the basics of social media management.
Including a one hour consultation (in-person or on Skype), personalised documents to guide your way and follow up support for two weeks, my starter startup services start from $165.

For the business that just needs a little gap filled

You’re building something brilliant but your team has a gap that’s too big for training alone, but not big enough for a new hire. Let me write your blogs, manage your social media, or run your customer experience. Blogposts with social media start at $110, but prices vary with length and quantity. I charge $450 and up to provide ongoing services.

Ready to take the plunge?

Your brand is no longer a baby; you’re seeing traction and you’re ready to take it to the next level.
It’s time to engage a community-content strategy.
You’ll have my undivided focus for at least a week – but I won’t stop until we’re done. We’ll consult extensively, and I will create a strategy as encompassing as your business needs.
Your community-content strategy will go into granular detail; driven by analytics it offers a cross-platform editorial calendar, a detailed customer experience plan that integrates with your content, guidance on your community management online and off, and easy-to-understand documents that map out the strategy and implementation. I will continue to measure the impact of the strategy and make improvements for a fortnight after, and stay in touch to make sure it’s working well. A community-content strategy starts from $2,500.
A strategy sounds an abstract, intangible thing, so I offer to action all aspects of my strategy. Providing content ideas, writing blogposts, automating social media and crafting customer communications; a plan is only worth as much as its outcomes – so let’s get started.

I offer discounted rates for projects that appeal to my passions and social conscience. For early-stage female-led enterprises I offer a rate reduced in terms of the wage gap; approximately 18% cheaper than my normal rate. If you’re a social enterprise or not-for-profit, sling me a line and we can work something out.

I have a network of talented graphic designers, web developers and creatives who I can tap into should your project have requirements that go beyond my own capacity.

Please note that these projects are purely for speculative purposes in order to help you visualise how we may work together. Any project I take on is priced specifically on that project. Additional costs may arise such as: social media management software, purchasing the rights of images, marketing software and advertising costs. For the most accurate pricing, please contact me directly.