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Your Ever Loving @ Theatre N16 review

This year’s May elections in Northern Island mark a watershed, as the first elections in which votes can be cast by children born after the Troubles officially ended, with the Good Friday agreement, in 1998. A significant moment in Northern Irish politics; one that makes Theatre N16’s production Your Ever Loving…

Come Gather ‘Round People

On an ordinary Wednesday night, out in the farflung exotic destination of Woolwich, something new and exciting was a’brewing. With promises of performance, poetry, music and kitsch, an intrepid force stumbled upon what is set to be the first of many magical evenings.

Blue Elephant Nights

The weather outside is frightful, but inside the Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell the atmosphere is certainly delightful. An exciting cast and exotic story makes this Cub’s pick of the pantomimes.

‘Our Boys’ Review

Our Boys: you’ve probably heard of it not so much as an emotive, alternative look at wounded soldiers lives but as the play with Neville Longbottom and Rory from Doctor Who in it. Maybe you also know that Billie Piper’s husband, Sergeant Hathaway from Lewis is in it, but nevertheless this…

‘The Hatpin’ Review

Hidden away in the depths of a South London housing estate is the Blue Elephant Theatre, an intimate venue with only 50 seats and the honour of Joanna Lumley’s patronage.  Specialising in nurturing new London-based talent and less mainstream theatre, the Blue Elephant Theatre is staging the UK premiere of the…