On overcoming imposter syndrome at university

30 October, 2015

In such a melting pot of experiences, backgrounds and aspirations, it’s little wonder that imposter syndrome is increasingly common at universities. Is it that much a surprise that being confused and overwhelmed should translate into anxiety about whether you belong

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Crowdfunding Your Student Loan: an Insider Perspective

23 October, 2015

“I wanted to do this by myself, and my choice received widespread support from friends and family. Crowdfunding needs that support; you need to be able to ask for help.” An interview I conducted with a successfully crowdfunded student that

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Top Ten Social Media Tips

14 September, 2015

This is a guide to social media for students that I wrote for EdAid as part of the pre-launch content strategy I oversaw. It is published in full on EdAid’s Medium page   

Why Stop at 11 Million, Bill?

30 June, 2015

A better-educated society, that supports one another and strives for wide-scale improvements, will only continue to innovate, evolve and prosper, in a way that reduces both the skills and wealth inequality gap. So, Bill, why are we only looking for

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How I Got a Job with a Tweet

12 June, 2015

  I wrote a post on how I got my job at EdAid (via twitter) as part of the content strategy I implemented whilst there. The original post is published in full here.

Students. Don’t Look for a Job this Summer. Create One.

26 May, 2015

The conventional student path of interning with corporations and applying for ‘summer jobs’ has never been so littered with mind-blowing alternatives. Instead of hoping to find yourself a company you think you’ll fit in, why not create one? This was

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