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16 July, 2018|portfolio

I joined in December 2017 as a community manager and moved into a social media and content role until July 2018.

Sphere Identity is a self-sovereign identity platform secured by Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies.

After they successfully completed an ICO, I joined to manage the energetic community of supporters in the lead up to the product launch.

Not content with one community to nurture, I put together a social media strategy to expand awareness. This lead to a 20% growth of Twitter followers and 1864% increase in engagements; on LinkedIn I grew our following by 376%, interactions by 233% and Engagement Rate by 59%.

My content was designed to inform consumer readers, and to set up the use case for self-sovereign identity and its applications. Articles published include:
The right to be me and self-sovereign identity
Setting up the use-cases for self-sovereign identity for refugees, displaced persons and within a development context
Your rights & the GDPR: What you need to know
A consumer-facing guide to data privacy and rights with the launch of GDPR
Finding their way in the world: international students and identity
Identifying the issues facing international students when they travel to study in terms of identity

Sphere Identity

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