On overcoming imposter syndrome at university

30 October, 2015

In such a melting pot of experiences, backgrounds and aspirations, it’s little wonder that imposter syndrome is increasingly common at universities. Is it that much a surprise that being confused and overwhelmed should translate into anxiety about whether you belong

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Boat @ Theatre N16

25 October, 2015

“Welcome to the play, I am the jellyfish of sound” It’s not the most conventional of welcomes to a play, but then Pigdog are not a conventional company, and the venue for tonight – Theatre N16, based in The Bedford,

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Crowdfunding Your Student Loan: an Insider Perspective

23 October, 2015

“I wanted to do this by myself, and my choice received widespread support from friends and family. Crowdfunding needs that support; you need to be able to ask for help.” An interview I conducted with a successfully crowdfunded student that

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Top Ten Social Media Tips

14 September, 2015

This is a guide to social media for students that I wrote for EdAid as part of the pre-launch content strategy I oversaw. It is published in full on EdAid’s Medium page   

Hanoi pt. 1: Good Morning Vietnam

5 August, 2015

  A whole new world, with extra motorbikes and scooters. Women’s museum, Temple of Literature, peaceful lakes and local delicacies.

‘Mazing Melbourne

2 August, 2015

Veggie choices, posh hotels, David Bowie, cultural calibration & falling in love (with a whole city)


1 August, 2015

A brief interlude with beaches, seagulls, a clifftop walk and boys playing Ed Sheeran on guitar.

Ciao Cairns

27 July, 2015

Trying to reach new depths and learning my limits along the way. Also: beaches and seaside and sunshine.

Sydney: a Family Affair

24 July, 2015

So one of the main reasons drawing me back to Australia was family to see. Two branches, in fact. And around these two, different but similarly bonkers, branches I started my time in Sydney.