11 July, 2018

Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons and a patented Deep Location Engine combined with location-based marketing and augmented reality, Pointr are bringing indoor navigation to the 21st Century. Already live in Heathrow airport & Harrods shopping centre, this is an exciting use of disruptive technology. I write articles for the site that attracts the attention of key decision-makers, and contextualises the problems BLE beacons can solve.


11 July, 2018

A recruitment group encompassing firms that hire psychologists, CEOs, mining and underrepresented groups. I write blog articles (a mix of commissioned and pitched) that are relevant to the audience, are interesting to read and that drive traffic to the site.


8 July, 2018

As more women are working on their own terms, Cahlia acts as a matchmaker between freelancers and corporates. I have been writing content that puts out the use case for women to join the platform and for the businesses that are considering hiring them.

Sphere Identity

16 June, 2018

A self-sovereign identity platform secured by blockchain and distributed ledger technology, I helped Sphere consolidate their community, social and content strategies.


15 June, 2018

I help small businesses to hone their brand story and explain their why. Here are examples of the web copy I’ve created for startups in Augmented Reality, eCommerce, Services & Social Media.

Bigibila Wines

23 January, 2018

Bigibila is a boutique vineyard that creates wines in harmony with the idyllic Victorian Pyrenees that surrounds it. These full-bodied reds are too good to keep cooped up, so I crafted engaging and SEO-friendly posts to bring connoisseur noses out of their spittoons and towards the Bigibila blog.

CityHood App

15 June, 2017

CityHood is a curated city guide app that lets you navigate a city by its unique neighbourhoods. Since cities can’t guide people by themselves, I trekked streets, crunched numbers and carefully crafted a content strategy that encompassed in-app content, blogposts, newsletters, social media, press releases and other marketing materials. Without using paid adverts, I tripled social reach & doubled downloads. London & the Cote Basque are live. Melbourne: coming soon.


29 December, 2016

Sometimes people pay me money for my opinions, so here’s a selection of them from The Debrief, The Malcontent & university media outlets


31 October, 2015

Student loans are hardly sexy, but my community communication skills made students care about this platform. Squeezing attention out of students is hardly easy, but my tactics tripled our Twitter following. Engaging in guerilla social media marketing, reaching out to students through uni media, Freshers Fairs, an ambassadorship program & a content strategy, I created a reputation without any ad spend. I crafted content that won us Innovate Finance’s People’s Choice at their Diversity Challenge Awards 2015.

Digital Genius

16 December, 2013

I taught a computer to talk like a human in one of the earliest AI chatbots for marketing & finance. Leading research efforts, I’d gain an understanding of the target customer and how they thought, before teaching the system how to best answer their questions. Test projects included a global laundry detergent and an eponymous condiments brand, live projects included BMW i and Panasonic.