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11 July, 2018|portfolio

Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons and a patented Deep Location Engine combined with location-based marketing and augmented reality, Pointr are bringing indoor navigation to the 21st Century. Already live in Heathrow airport & Harrods shopping centre, this is an exciting use of disruptive technology.

I write articles for the site that attracts the attention of key decision-makers, and contextualises the problems BLE beacons can solve. These include:
Where will we go next? How to harness the revolution in retail
How to move travellers better at airports
Pointr picks the best tech trends of MWC2018
Pointr is taking to the seas with Stena Line
Stop selling products. It’s time to offer the best CX
Customer Experience is the secret to business success
How 5 companies at the Retail Design Expo are using technology to digitise in-store experiences

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