NOMADIC NOVICE: An Introduction

10 February, 2018|Nomadic Novice, posts

When I started my digital nomad journey in November 2016, I was excited to finally find work-life balance, and travel the world in a financially sustainable way.

I intended to document the things I learnt as I went.

Roll forward a year and a bit, and I’ve finally found the time to do so.

The digital nomad life hasn’t been quite the postcard-style dream I was sold… but it has been so much better.

Despite a potent mixture of overwork, underpayment, an emergency surgery and visa-related farmwork, I’ve finally found balance.

It’s time to share my journey.

My desk at… The Onion coworking space, Ubud, Bali

So what is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a person of no fixed address, generally by choice, travelling and working along the way.

We live a nomadic lifestyle, moving around, but always within reach of an internet connection. A digital nomad works a location independent job, as in we can work (almost) completely from our laptop, phone or tablet.

Digital nomads are freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees; we travel our homelands, or far-away-lands. We might spend a day or two in a city before packing our bags, or we might spend months at a time in one place.

The archetypal digital nomad is a millennial tech worker, coding or crafting content as they bounce between south-east Asian coworking spaces. But the community ‘on the ground’ is so much more diverse than that.

My desk at… Container Hotel, Penang, MalaysiaI’m sold. How can I be a digital nomad?

This is what I’m hoping to share over the course of these posts!

Many digital nomads create content as a revenue stream of passive income; blogposts with adverts and affiliate links, e-courses with one-time sign up fees, sponsored content, and so on.

Creating educational content to help people start their digital nomad journey is commonplace; but often comes with a price tag.

Enter the Novice Nomad

I hope to be different; offering free and actionable content that is an honest reflection of how I’ve experienced digital nomad-ing. I’m all for empowering other people and achieving balance, with realistic expectations.

These articles will have tips, tricks, and things I wished I’d known before I packed my bags. I will share resources I use, and speak frankly about all aspects of my experience.

I will not be selling you anything (really!) nor can I promise you that following my advice will lead to six-figure gains. I’m not salesy, or about that life. I hope to promote financially responsible travel that leads to finding better balance.

My desk at… The Grounds, Sydney

What’s coming up?

On a weekly basis, I will be sharing short articles on specific things you should set up before you leave, considerations you need to take into account when choosing work or a destination, honest recommendations of countries and coworking spaces, and insights into productivity, community and accountability.

I’m open to any and all feedback, and will gladly address questions in these posts. Feel free to reach out to me on twitter!

And just for context; I’m a Brit in my early 20s, I was a freelance writer & community manager for a year before I left, and I have entirely funded my travels myself through a mix of savings, working and responsible credit card usage.

I hope to hear from you during this journey through digital nomadism 🙂

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