Satire: New Generation of Scroungers

1 March, 2014|journalism

As seen in QMessenger 84.

They hog more than half of all the benefit money distributed in Great Britain today – more than a whopping £74 billion – as well as putting public services and their local communities under great strain. We are under siege by an entire generation of money-grabbing layabouts with no jobs nor diversions to occupy themselves, and their numbers are rising.

Often to be found sat on their lazy behinds watching daytime TV whilst the rest of us work to the bone in order to feed our children, these people are encouraging the culture of entitlement which is corrupting this great country’s good old values. When not lounging about or pursuing leisure activities – often being given generous discounts, to add insult to injury – these scroungers seem to enjoy engaging in dangerous activities or making a massive fuss over nothing; wasting billions of hours of our GPs and emergency services time, costing the honest tax payer an arm and a leg, and maybe some vital organs too.

And if that’s not enough, the money they steal from our government is often frittered away on toys and sweet treats, things that are no doubt made in China and not profiting our own proud industrial heritage. These people are a problem, yet the nanny state insists we tread round them with caution. Our government in fact encourages us to embrace them, to care for them and to let them into our homes!

We need to make a stand against elderly pensioners before this problem gets out of hand. Our country was once great, and can only return to such greatness if we send them all out of here.

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