25 January, 2018|journalism, portfolio

A selection of my published work:

An online magazine for millennial women — now part of GRAZIA

How to Stay Creative Now You’ve Left Uni and Realised That Adult Life is Rubbish, Dec 2015
The Unsexy Side of Solo Travelling, Nov 2015

A (now-defunct) news site for people interested in culture

How Hanging Out with Older Neighbours Made Me Less of a City Schmuch, Dec 2015
What We Mean When We Talk About Disability, Nov 2015

Queen Mary, University of London magazine
Interview with Humans of Queen Mary, Spring 2014
Come Gather Round People, March 2014
Wanderlust, Winter 2014

Do, Eat, See & Listen, Winter 2014
The Cream of British Contemporary Art: CUB at London Art Fair 2014, January 2014
Blue Elephant Nights, December 2013
Pushing Boundaries: Pop Art Design Opens at Barbican, December 2013
If Swing is Your Thing, November 2013
Made in Arts London: a Student Led Arts Revolution, October 2013
Paris for a Poor Student, October 2013
Haiku Interview with James Bran, Autumn 2013
Top 5 Arty Party, Autumn 2013
Cub Presents: Poppy Turner, Autumn 2013
Short Story, September 2013
Censortits: Why Criminalise Breasts and Not the Lecherous Bastards Who Objectify Them, August 2013
Art… Everywhere, August 2013
The Art of the Internet Meme, August 2013
‘Light Show’ Review, April 2013

My university newspaper
The Fetishization of the Fiend, March 2014
Five Places to Read that aren’t Uni, March 2014
Misunderstanding the EDL, March 2014
We Need to Talk About Women Today, February 2014
New Generation of Scroungers, January 2014
Speakeasy Secrets, January 2014

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