Haiku Interview with James Bran

1 October, 2013|arts, journalism

As seen in Cub 548

James Bran (@ajamesbran) was a runner up in the London heat of the BBC Radio New Comedy Award, which will be broadcast on Radio 4 extra on Friday 18th October, 10.30pm (and on iPlayer afterwards). James also hosts The Patchwork Club, a variety evening mixing comedy, poetry, music and a whole lot of messing about. It is re-launching on Wednesday October 16th in Camden.

Haiku are quite short,
Some people would say ill thought
of, so why write them?

They say brevity
Is the soul of wit, also
I’m pretty lazy

Did you want to be
A doctor, a spaceman, or
Was poet the dream?

I wanted to be
A male exotic dancer
But God wasn’t kind

What inspired you,
And made you think, I must write
comedy haiku.

Haiku are about,
Tiny moments that we share
Comedy is too

Meditation or
Despair at a keyboard: how
do you start writing?

Keep your eyes open,
Grab a pen and leave the house
Live first, write second

How do you make small
Japanese poems funny;
the delivery?

Frank Carson would say
“It’s the way I tell em’” but
He voted UKIP

In 5-7-5
Give a haiku defining
The state of your life.

Life is wonderful,
Having said that I do have
Low expectations

What advice would you
give to me, to help me write
the perfect haiku.

Despite appearance
Haikus are not just three lines
They have two chapters

So what do you do,
Alongside writing haiku,
Paint plates white and blue?

I’ve just bought FIFA
So for the next month or so
All else is on hold

Lets finish on high,
Which of your haiku will live
on after you die.

No.28 – Thanks for Having Me
Cold Sunday morning
The pharmacy is closed
Suppose we keep it?

No. 13 – Small Victories (Wish I was a baller)
I threw a Teabag,
Into a mug from six feet
Now I’m late for work

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