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14 November, 2018|portfolio

Here’s a brief rundown of the clients I’ve worked with this year – mostly with a content flavour.

A tech and resources industry focused coworking and acceleration provider in Perth

I have been profiling members and crafting an extensive report on the costs and benefits of coworking in Perth versus renting an office. Some live articles include:
A maverick approach to boosting sales with Ramondo Media
A Leap, Spring and grant to power startup growth

A course in the Adobe suite tailored to those working in architecture.

The articles I’ve been writing are intended to be both educational (many are counterparts to videos) and drive sales to the paid course. Posts include:

Hip to be square: why your designs need grids
How to use beautiful images (without breaking the law!)
The best tool for the job: how to properly use the Adobe Creative Suite
The secret to an attractive and effective colour palette

An indoor wayfinding startup that uses bluetooth low energy beacons, big data and augmented reality to navigate shoppers and travellers at Harrods and Heathrow

I wrote articles to attract the attention of key decision-makers, and contextualise the problems BLE beacons can solve. These include:
Where will we go next? How to harness the revolution in retail
How to move travellers better at airports
Pointr picks the best tech trends of MWC2018
Pointr is taking to the seas with Stena Line
Stop selling products. It’s time to offer the best CX
Customer Experience is the secret to business success
How 5 companies at the Retail Design Expo are using technology to digitise in-store experiences

An identity platform secured by Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies.

My content was designed to inform consumers, to set up the use case for self-sovereign identity and its applications. My social media strategy lead to a 20% growth in Twitter followers and 1864% increase in engagements; on LinkedIn I grew our following by 376%, interactions by 233% and engagement by 59%.

Articles published include:
The right to be me and self-sovereign identity
Your rights & the GDPR: What you need to know
Finding their way in the world: international students and identity

A group of recruitment companies

I write blog articles (a mix of commissioned and pitched) that are relevant, interesting, and drive traffic to the site. Below are just a few highlights.

For Beilby, the executive search and professional recruitment firm:
How to be authentic when talking about your “why” in an interview
The ultimate secret to success at work? Good sleep
Diversity: the tool you need to skyrocket business
Razzle dazzle: brilliant career advice of the musicals
Happy people, happy profit? The secret of employee engagement

For CoreStaff, the industry labour hire experts:
8 remarkable lessons from spending 88 days in a dairy
Fail hard, fail fast, fail spectacularly: how to fail to success
10 valuable world cup rules that will encourage job success
6 surprising lessons from the remarkable eucalyptus
Romantic cliches that can provide work wisdom

A corporate to freelancer matchmaker designed to empower women.

I have been working with Cahlia to better share their brand story.
This has been done with blog posts:
Quit Smashing, start building: a new way of working for women
The rise of the independent workforce

And with the Future is Flex series, where I profile some of the platform’s consultants to help businesses better visualise what hiring an independent contractor could do for them:
Coaching high performers
Executing transformative change
Strategic stakeholder engagement: communicating between customers, communities and stakeholders
Negotiating better sponsorships
Executing digital marketing strategies

A boutique vineyard in the Victorian Pyrenees.

As well as masterminding a tongue-in-cheek tasting notes of Australia’s wine regions as an incentive to join the mailing list, I’ve written the following articles:
Wine & Food Pairing
Sustainable Farming at the Bigibila Vineyards
Sustainable Wine-Making at Bigibila
Winter Wine-Down: How to perfect your mulled wine
Adopt a vine

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