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26 May, 2015|startups

The conventional student path of interning with corporations and applying for ‘summer jobs’ has never been so littered with mind-blowing alternatives.
Instead of hoping to find yourself a company you think you’ll fit in, why not create one?

This was the first post in my content strategy at EdAid, encouraging student enterprise in reaction to a post from YCombinator. You can find the whole article published here.

By biting the bullet and publicly asking for a job, I got one.

I wrote a post on how I got my job at EdAid (via twitter). The original post is published in full here.

A better-educated society, that supports one another and strives for wide-scale improvements, will only continue to innovate, evolve and prosper, in a way that reduces both the skills and wealth inequality gap.

So, Bill, why are we only looking for 11 million more students?

This was in response to Bill Gates’ rallying call for more funding for students and education. Our position was that education benefits everyone, so why pull the ladder up behind those 11 million? You can read the post in full on EdAid’s Medium page here.

This is a guide to social media for students. It is published in full on EdAid’s Medium page

“I wanted to do this by myself, and my choice received widespread support from friends and family. Crowdfunding needs that support; you need to be able to ask for help.”

An interview I conducted with a successfully crowdfunded student that also provides tips and guides other students through the process of crowdfunding education; validating the EdAid platform. Originally published on EdAid’s Medium page here.

I collated the key lessons from Shani’s interview in a graphic. You can follow her progress here, and check out her original appeal here.

In such a melting pot of experiences, backgrounds and aspirations, it’s little wonder that imposter syndrome is increasingly common at universities. Is it that much a surprise that being confused and overwhelmed should translate into anxiety about whether you belong in the first place?

A post I wrote about the experience of being at University and not belonging, published in full here.

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