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EdAid was an interest-free student loan crowdfunding platform. It has since pivoted.

I was a Social Media & Communications analyst from graduating in May 2015, through to the end of October that year.

I was hired after I tweeted that I was looking for a graduate job.

Student loans are hardly a sexy topic, but my community communication skills made students care about this platform that flips funding on its head.

Squeezing attention out of students is only marginally easier than getting their money, but my tactics tripled our Twitter following.

Engaging in guerilla social media marketing, reaching out to students through uni media, 9 Freshers Fairs, an ambassadorship program, and a content strategy, I created a reputation without any ad spend.

The articles I authored include:
Students: Don’t look for a job this summer. Create one.
Encouraging students to start their own startups
How I got a job with a tweet
The story of how I landed my job
Why stop at 11 million, Bill?
A response to Bill Gates’ rallying call for more education funding
EdAid’s top ten social media tips
A guide to using social media professionally, for students
Crowdfunding your student loan: an insider perspective
An interview with Shani Page-Muir, who successfully crowdfunded her tuition
On overcoming imposter syndrome at university
Guidance and reflections on the fears about not fitting in facing many students

Oh, and with this content we won Innovate Finance’s People’s Choice at their Diversity Challenge Awards 2015:

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