Crowdfunding Your Student Loan: an Insider Perspective

23 October, 2015|startups


“I wanted to do this by myself, and my choice received widespread support from friends and family. Crowdfunding needs that support; you need to be able to ask for help.”

An interview I conducted with a successfully crowdfunded student that also provides tips and guides other students through the process of crowdfunding education; validating the EdAid platform. This was part of our content strategy for launch. Originally published on EdAid’s Medium page here.

I collated the key lessons from Shani’s interview in a graphic below. You can follow her progress here, and check out her original appeal here.

Shani’s crowdfunding top tips: 1. Start building your network now. 2. ASK for support, for help, for a favour, for money (don’t ask, don’t get). 3. Take a lot of time to brand yourself and your appeal 4. Take MORE time to make sure your appeal highlights your uniqueness. 5. Make a short & simple video with 1 clear call to action. 6. Shout about your appeal, to media, to friends, online… to anyone who will listen. 7. Plan & schedule your social media output… 8. But keep an eye on it & stay engaged with everyone who helps you.


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