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10 July, 2018|portfolio

This BCorp-certified coworking startup had just upgraded to a scale-up space – so I stepped in to get the ball rolling on some coherent community interactions; for the team, for the members, and for the people who just wandered in to say hello.

I created a staff knowledge base and formalised the email inbox management to create a more cohesive community experience. Informally, I would facilitate connections and help members link up with like-minded people.

A world-leading educational institute, offering courses and workshops in business, design and tech skills.
I managed both the space and community with a mix of documentation, team work and running around to manage the chaos of classes giving way to events.
As the first port of call for all students and visitors, I maintained an enjoyable experience on campus, as well as solving ad hoc problems with AV, events and other such surprises. My support was regularly highlighted in student feedback.
My customer support was world-class; both in-person and online for the London campus. I formalised the CX process with guides and tutorials to ensure consistency across multiple team members, which expedites the onboarding process with new staff.

I also wrote copy for the Introduction to Growth Hacking & How to Get your First 5,000 Users

Europe’s leading FinTech accelerator coworking space that is advancing growth for a number of groundbreaking startups.
I created a new member selection process end-to-end; from formalising applications and assessment through to touring prospective members and onboarding new members. I designed a CRM system to maintain the details of all applicants and members.
Both designed and analysed Level39’s first ever membership survey, ensuring the continual improvement of community experience.
I took the lead on organising Level39’s supporting curriculum of 6+ hours p/week of mentoring and seminars for startups, sending out a weekly newsletter and assisting with day-to-day inquiries.
Ad hoc events support saw me leading delegation tours, helping host and organise a variety of external events from intimate fireside chats to visits from the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Business Secretary. I organised our presence at Internet World 2014, in which we delivered over 20 hours of mentorship to the public and startups.

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