Hanoi pt. 1: Good Morning Vietnam

5 August, 2015

  A whole new world, with extra motorbikes and scooters. Women’s museum, Temple of Literature, peaceful lakes and local delicacies.

‘Mazing Melbourne

2 August, 2015

Veggie choices, posh hotels, David Bowie, cultural calibration & falling in love (with a whole city)


1 August, 2015

A brief interlude with beaches, seagulls, a clifftop walk and boys playing Ed Sheeran on guitar.

Ciao Cairns

27 July, 2015

Trying to reach new depths and learning my limits along the way. Also: beaches and seaside and sunshine.

Speakeasy Secrets

1 March, 2014

As seen in QMessenger 84. There is a hidden revolution in London and you may not have heard of it

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