Examples of work 2018

14 November, 2018

Here’s a brief rundown of the clients I’ve worked with this year – mostly with a content flavour.


13 November, 2018

Perth’s leading coworking space, offering regional and accelerator services to the tech and resources industries. I filled an in-house content

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12 November, 2018

Graphic Design for Architypes is an online course to teach those who work in architecture firms how to use the

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CGH Group

11 November, 2018

A recruitment group encompassing firms that hire psychologists, CEOs, mining and underrepresented groups. I write blog articles (a mix of

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Bigibila Wines

10 November, 2018

A boutique vineyard in the Victorian Pyrenees, I write content to be mulled over. My blogs draw much admiration from

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10 September, 2018

A corporate to freelancer matchmaker designed to empower women, I have been working with Cahlia to better share their brand

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Sphere Identity

16 July, 2018

I joined in December 2017 as a community manager and moved into a social media and content role until July

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Pointr Labs

11 July, 2018

Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons and a patented Deep Location Engine combined with location-based marketing and augmented reality, Pointr are

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25 January, 2018

A selection of my published work: