The Unsexy Side of Solo Travel

Whilst you await with baited breath for my next travel instalments, revel in this piece I wrote for The Debrief on the not so sexy parts of travelling alone…

Get Involved! @ The Old Blue Last

You can’t go far wrong with a free gig, but put it in the upstairs of Shoreditch’s number one music pub, just after CUB’s issue 4 launch party, and you’ve got a guaranteed winner on your hands.

Interview with Humans of Queen Mary

As seen in Cub 551. What do two biochemistry students, a geographer, a History student, a History & English student and a pharmaceutical chemist all have in common? This may sound like a bad joke, but they all

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The Fetishization of the Fiend

As seen in Qmessenger 86. Name a recently murdered woman. Name a passenger on the missing Malaysian flight MH370. Name someone whose death was caused by a suicide bomber. I’m guessing that, off the top of your head,

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Five Places to Read that aren’t Uni

As seen in Qmessenger 86. If you’ve got revision, research or just loads of reading to do, the library can end up feeling like a prison of words, where you’re trapped to turn pages ever more. Cast off

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Satire: Misunderstanding the EDL

As seen in Qmessenger 86. The EDL has not been getting the best press recently. Some people are accusing them of ‘being idiots,’ and others have gone as far to brandish them as fascists. Ultimately, they’re just misguided

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Come Gather ‘Round People

On an ordinary Wednesday night, out in the farflung exotic destination of Woolwich, something new and exciting was a’brewing. With promises of performance, poetry, music and kitsch, an intrepid force stumbled upon what is set to be the

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