‘Mazing Melbourne

Veggie choices, posh hotels, David Bowie, cultural calibration & falling in love (with a whole city)


A brief interlude with beaches, seagulls, a clifftop walk and boys playing Ed Sheeran on guitar.

Ciao Cairns

Trying to reach new depths and learning my limits along the way. Also: beaches and seaside and sunshine.

Sydney: a Family Affair

So one of the main reasons drawing me back to Australia was family to see. Two branches, in fact. And around these two, different but similarly bonkers, branches I started my time in Sydney.

Touchdown: G’day at last, Australia

So after my Big Day Out in Singapore, and my three hours sleep on the plane interspersed with movies about conscious AI (Chappie and Ex Machina, if you’re interested) and two complimentary glasses of wine, I was KO

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AND SHE’S OFF: Salut Singapore

10 years ago, an overly-excited 11 year old, whose family had been saving their holiday pennies for a while, set off on her first ever long-haul flight.This journey wasn’t just symbolic in that she was going across the

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As seen in Cub 550.  ‘Wanderlust’ noun 1) A strong desire or impulse to travel, or wander. Even if you didn’t know the term, it’s likely you know the feeling. Whether you thought it was ‘itchy feet,’ youthful

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Paris for a Poor Student

Paris is a city of glitz and glamour, style and sexy, joie de vie and a little je ne sais quoi… But also, it is a city of premium prices, paying out and posh surroundings.