Your Ever Loving @ Theatre N16 review

This year’s May elections in Northern Island mark a watershed, as the first elections in which votes can be cast by children born after the Troubles officially ended, with the Good Friday agreement, in 1998. A significant moment

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The World Went Pop – and it’s Time We Listened

Whilst the Barbican’s recent retrospective seemed an authoritative survey of what we understand as pop, the Tate Modern’s new exhibition The World Goes Pop salutes its Western-centric focus… And runs away from it.

Boat, Theatre N16

“Welcome to the play, I am the jellyfish of sound” It’s not the most conventional of welcomes to a play, but then Pigdog are not a conventional company, and the venue for tonight – Theatre N16, based in

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Get Involved! @ The Old Blue Last

You can’t go far wrong with a free gig, but put it in the upstairs of Shoreditch’s number one music pub, just after CUB’s issue 4 launch party, and you’ve got a guaranteed winner on your hands.

DAY 5: Best Documentary

DAY 5: Best Documentary Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer In light of the recent release of the remaining members of Pussy Riot (Nadia Tolokonnikova & Maria Alyokhina) this choice seems all the more poignant. The documentary Pussy Riot:

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DAY 4: Best Film

DAY 4: Best Film Elysium Set in a dystopic future of 2154, split between the poverty-stricken dying Earth and heavenly bourgeois Elysium, this was the most thought-provoking of the few films I watched this year. Matt Damon does

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DAY 3: Best Play

DAY 3: Best Play Chimerica Fighting with Punchdrunk’s Drowned Man for “Time Out’s most-hyped theatre of the year,” my expectations for Chimerica were understandably quite high. And completely shot through. From our arrival it was obvious how high

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DAY 2: Best Musical

DAY 2: Best Musical Once Whilst Once has already achieved great acclaim in film and Broadway form, it was only this year that I got to experience it firsthand. And the word ‘experience’ just doesn’t do it justice.

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