We Need to Talk About Women Today

As seen in QMessenger 85. New Turn’s Women in the 21st Century Conference was certainly a thought-provoking event, packed with talks and speakers that raised a whole barrage of issues, whilst also celebrating certain liberties and gains that

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Satire: New Generation of Scroungers

As seen in QMessenger 84. They hog more than half of all the benefit money distributed in Great Britain today – more than a whopping £74 billion – as well as putting public services and their local communities

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Speakeasy Secrets

As seen in QMessenger 84. There is a hidden revolution in London and you may not have heard of it yet. Down in cellars, behind unassuming doors and often at the summon of a buzzer, the speakeasy craze

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As seen in Cub 550.  ‘Wanderlust’ noun 1) A strong desire or impulse to travel, or wander. Even if you didn’t know the term, it’s likely you know the feeling. Whether you thought it was ‘itchy feet,’ youthful

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Do, Eat, See & Listen

This was a collection of 4 pieces, of which I wrote only one. As seen in Cub 550.  EAT. The Gallery Cafe 21 Old Ford Road, e2 9PL The Gallery Cafe is a not-for-profit venture, a stroll away

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Blue Elephant Nights

The weather outside is frightful, but inside the Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell the atmosphere is certainly delightful. An exciting cast and exotic story makes this Cub’s pick of the pantomimes.

If Swing is Your Thing…

Stockings, swing skirts and suits with braces, this is not quite the normal Shoreditch uniform but then and again this is not quite your normal Wednesday night out in Shoreditch.

Made in Arts London: a Student Led Arts Revolution

  A global recession. Rising tuition fees. Graduates without prospects. This was 2011, when student Kate Rintoul and University of the Arts London (UAL) Sabbatical Officer Robyn Minogue got together and decided to do something productive, and Made

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