The Return to Sai Gon

A capital time in the capital, featuring veggie restaurants and ambling around art galleries

Mũi Né: A Valley of Sand

This was a valley of sand; a fantastic farm where sand grows like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens; where sand takes the forms of houses and chimneys and rising smoke…

Hoi An: Round 2

I am disrupting the belated uploading of my Summer trip to upload my posts on my recent trip to Vietnam; 6th – 20th March. Apologies for the time-distorted mashup, but I hope this represents an improvement in my timeliness 🙂

The Unsexy Side of Solo Travel

Whilst you await with baited breath for my next travel instalments, revel in this piece I wrote for The Debrief on the not so sexy parts of travelling alone…

Hanoi pt. 1: Good Morning Vietnam

  A whole new world, with extra motorbikes and scooters. Women’s museum, Temple of Literature, peaceful lakes and local delicacies.