Your Ever Loving @ Theatre N16 review

20 April, 2016

This year’s May elections in Northern Island mark a watershed, as the first elections in which votes can be cast by children born after the Troubles officially ended, with the Good Friday agreement, in 1998. A significant moment in Northern

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The World Went Pop – and it’s Time We Listened

16 November, 2015

Whilst the Barbican’s recent retrospective seemed an authoritative survey of what we understand as pop, the Tate Modern’s new exhibition The World Goes Pop salutes its Western-centric focus… And runs away from it.

Boat @ Theatre N16

25 October, 2015

“Welcome to the play, I am the jellyfish of sound” It’s not the most conventional of welcomes to a play, but then Pigdog are not a conventional company, and the venue for tonight – Theatre N16, based in The Bedford,

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Get Involved! @ The Old Blue Last

3 April, 2014

You can’t go far wrong with a free gig, but put it in the upstairs of Shoreditch’s number one music pub, just after CUB’s issue 4 launch party, and you’ve got a guaranteed winner on your hands.

Come Gather ‘Round People

20 March, 2014

On an ordinary Wednesday night, out in the farflung exotic destination of Woolwich, something new and exciting was a’brewing. With promises of performance, poetry, music and kitsch, an intrepid force stumbled upon what is set to be the first of

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Blue Elephant Nights

12 December, 2013

The weather outside is frightful, but inside the Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell the atmosphere is certainly delightful. An exciting cast and exotic story makes this Cub’s pick of the pantomimes.

Pushing Boundaries: Pop Art Design opens at Barbican

1 December, 2013

The modern world is now proliferated with Pop Art. You can buy prints, postcards, bus pass holders, tote bags, mugs; nearly anything emblazoned with an infamous image. Yet, in the post-war period it was something new and exciting, a marriage

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Made in Arts London: a Student Led Arts Revolution

19 October, 2013

  A global recession. Rising tuition fees. Graduates without prospects. This was 2011, when student Kate Rintoul and University of the Arts London (UAL) Sabbatical Officer Robyn Minogue got together and decided to do something productive, and Made in Arts

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