10 September, 2018|portfolio

A corporate to freelancer matchmaker designed to empower women, I have been working with Cahlia to better share their brand story since July 2017.

This has been done with blog posts:
Quit Smashing, start building: a new way of working for women
A research-driven look at the reasons why women need a new way of working & how the traditional 9-5 fails them
The rise of the independent workforce
Building on from that, this article answers many misconceptions and concerns women have about striking out alone

And with the Future is Flex series, where I profile some of the platform’s consultants to help businesses better visualise what hiring an independent contractor could do for them:
Coaching high performers
Executing transformational change
Strategic stakeholder engagement: communicating between customers, communities and stakeholders
Negotiating better sponsorships
Executing digital marketing strategies
Launching a new remuneration model
Upgrading leadership in engineering
Facilitating culture change
Effective sales and corporate travel account management

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