A HANNAH IN THE WORKS is one of those much-maligned millennials who lives in a state of flux.

Neither here nor there, she is a digital nomad, writing her way around the world. Australia is her 18th country across 4 continents.

She grew up in England and studied English at university. It’s safe to say she’s very good at it by now. She writes a bit on arts here and a bit of journalism there.

Whilst studying in London she came across a job advert asking her to “teach a robot to speak like a human.” And so began her foray into the startup world.

In the past five years she’s worked at a veritable smorgasbord of startups and scale-ups across all manner of sectors. Her ability to quickly comprehend new concepts and swiftly translate them into engaging content for different mediums complements her intense sociability and inherent curiousity.

Thriving on a varied diet of content-writing and community-making, she went freelance so she could balance the best of both, whilst engaging with a diverse variety of clients and any other people she comes across.

A born story-teller, she is keenly fascinated by the way technology fuses together innovation and creativity, and the possibilities it has created for social impact and sustainability.

When not on her laptop working, she writes for fun, reads voraciously, traipses through galleries and travels extensively.

Sling her a line; she loves meeting people for a peppermint tea (or gin & tonic).